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Our team has spent decades working with national media to raise awareness of crime victims.


Our Director Kym Pasqualini, has appeared in print and news media worldwide to include BBC, CNN, Fox News, Anderson Cooper Show, John Walsh Show and Montel Williams.


Jeff Dunsavage is an international spokesperson for individuals missing abroad appearing on BBC and both international and national print and news media.

Our goal is to utilize the experience of our team to give crime victims a voice and to apprehend fugitives that pose risk to public safety.


If you have a media request, please contact


National Missing Children's Day

Kym Pasqualini discusses missing children awareness with KPHO News Channel 5.

Montel Williams - Interview

Montel Williams talks to families of missing persons and Kym L. Pasqualini, former CEO of National Center for Missing Adults about how a loved one can vanish in the blink of an eye.

Hurricane Katrina's Missing

The National Center for Missing Adults was appointed by the US Attorney General to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane KatrinaThe Katrina Call Center resolved 99.8% of 13,502 missing adult Katrina cases. Kym Pasqualini and law enforcement describe the monumental task.

Advocate Turned Crime Victim

KPHO News Channel 5 "Pay it Forward" reaches out to Pasqualini in time of need.

How Missing Person Cases are Handled in Phoenix

KTVK News 3 reporter interviews Kym L. Pasqualini about missing person cases and the Cleveland missing women recovered after a decade.

John Walsh Show - Interview

John Walsh interviews families of missing adults along with crime victim advocate and missing person expert Kym L. Pasqualini. (The John Walsh Show 2004)

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