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Kym L. Pasqualini CV
Director & Social Media Geek
Kym L. Pasqualini

Advocate & Director

Kym is the founder of the Nation's Missing Children Organization (1994) and the National Center for Missing Adults (2000), serving as CEO for nearly 20 years.


Over three decades, Kym has worked to bring awareness to missing persons, unsolved homicides, and unidentified victims with print and television media throughout the country and appeared on The John Walsh Show, Montel Williams, Anderson Cooper Live, Lifetime TV, USA Network, CNN and publications such as People Magazine, Ebony and Ladies Home Journal.


In the early 1990s, Kym successfully integrated traditional marketing with the Internet, and social marketing, launching one of the first public, searchable databases for missing and unidentified persons. Over the years, Kym has gained a broad knowledge of public relations and the effective utilization of social media to give a voice to victims.


Additionally, collaborating with Fox Valley Technical College and the Bureau of Justice Assistance and Department of Justice, Kym delivered the first two-day training for Chief Executives and Investigators for police and sheriff's departments throughout the country.


As a crime victim herself, Kym knows firsthand the fear experienced by victims, the importance of seeking justice, and the important role witnesses play in solving crimes. 


As Director of, Kym continues to tell the stories of 'the voiceless' while supporting law enforcement and crime victim families in the pursuit of answers and justice.


For more information about Kym's work with media click here.




2010 - present

2010 - present

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