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Murder of Margaret Maxwell - Sisters Still Needs Answers


Margaret Maxwell, 27, was found murdered on December 11, 1980, by a man walking his dog.


Her body was found in a ravine that runs parallel to Spur 280, near downtown Fort Worth, TX.


Dumped by the railroad tracks, Margaret had been raped, and strangled, her badly beaten body reflecting she had fought her murderer with a fury to the end.







Her sisters have been left with the unimaginable vision of the last time they saw their sister inside a cold morgue. That image has never left their minds.


Her sister, Vernessa Curtis described seeing Margaret's body. the detectives showed her Margarate's fingernails broken and bloody and that image fuels her commitment to finding the person who killed her baby sister. 


A young mother of three children, Margaret had asked her parents to watch her children and was last seen at her parent's residence in Fort Worth. 


In 1980, DNA evidence collection was in its infancy and police have had little to go on, even decades later.


The epitome of a "cold case"  detectives in the Cold Case Unit at Fort Worth Police Department remains committed to bringing her killer to justice.


As her sisters hold a baby pink obituary notice they have saved for 38 years, it reads, "the cause of my fears, the source of my laughter, the days that follow after . . . But Thank God, He Knows. Thank God, He Knows."


Police Report Number: 80416182


Anyone with information is encouraged to call Fort Worth Police Department Homicide Unit at (817) 932-4335 or Crime Stoppers at (817) 469-8477.












Unsolved Murder of Margaret Maxwell
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