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Unsolved Murder of Barry Sherman
Murders of Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey. 


“Big Pharma Tycoon” Dr. Barry Sherman Ph.D., 75, and his wife Honey, 70, were found dead in their Toronto, Canada on December 15, 2017.


Media initially reported their deaths as a “murder-suicide,” but Sherman’s children all emphatically disagree with the initial police assessment.


The Sherman children have hired a team of private investigators and forensic specialists to fully examine evidence police may have overlooked.


The full story of what happened is not known but according to sources in various reports, the last time the couple was heard from was the evening of December 13th.


They both arrived at their Old Colony neighborhood residence home in two cars Wednesday evening after meeting with an architect for a home they were planning to build in Forest Hill, about a 20-mile drive south.


Barry, a self-admitted “workaholic” didn’t show up at his office the following day but this didn’t cause immediate concern. The couple was found deceased in the downstairs indoor pool area of their home tied to a sturdy railing with two men’s leather belts, each around their necks. It is said they still had their winter coats and boots on.


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