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Leonard Taylor Fugitive

Leonard Dee Taylor 47, 

On March 18, 2003, Moller failed to appear for the court hearing and in absentia, the judge sentenced him to ten-years in prison.

Moller was born June 24, 1967, and described as a white male, 5' 10" height, approximately 140 lbs, with blue eyes and brown or graying hair. He has a "birthmark on the lower back, tattoo of a "falling angel" on an upper arm and a tattoo of an "Indian sitting on a horse" on the other upper arm. He also has a scar on left upper arm.


Born in Arcadia, Calif., Moller may have traveled to FL, PR, or possibly Denmark, but could be anywhere. He has worked in the aviation fuel business. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact their local FBI Field Office or submit a tip online here FBI Online Tips.

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