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For every unsolved crime, there remains a perpetrator on the street that remains a danger to our families and communities. Increasing public awareness of unsolved crimes and dangerous fugitives, helps save lives and provides families and victims of crime with justice. 
Solving cases is a cooperative effort between us all! The team at Missing Leads are professional crime victim advocates who specialize in working with law enforcement, the media, and the public to provide much-needed exposure to cold cases and wanted fugitives.
Commonly, it is the public who holds the key to providing that one important lead that helps investigators solve a case. By raising public awareness of each "unsolved homicide" case or a "fugitive on the run", we increase the odds of solving these crimes and making our streets a much safer place.
We tell the stories of crime victims with the support of crowdfunding and advertising partnerships with True Crime & Mystery authors and publishers. Through our partnerships, we are able to promote their works, while also sharing stories and case information to help solve real-life unsolved crimes.
Companies and the public can also help by advertising their company, sponsoring our work or purchasing any of our products, becoming a true partner in fighting crime.
Your support makes a difference and helps ensure crime victims are not forgotten while helping to generate "tips and information" law enforcement needs to close a case and apprehend fugitives.
Become our Partner in Crime today!
If you are interested in becoming a partner, advertising or sponsoring our work, please email us at
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