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Abduction by Author RJ Parker

Meet The Author of

BUNDY: Portrait of a Serial Killer

As a twelve-year-old, I borrowed a book from the library that I thought was a vampire novel. It turned out to be the true story of British "vampire" serial killer, John Haigh (amazing the things they'll let a 12-year-old check out!). Nonetheless, I was fascinated, and even though the librarian wouldn't let me take out any other books on the subject, I became a true crime junkie, burning my way through True Detective magazines by the dozen. 

Forty years later, I feel as though I've investigated more cases of murder than most homicide detectives, studied more serial killers than your average profiler, and spent more time than a conference full of psychologists trying to understand what every true crime buff really wants to know; Why do they do it? 

My books feature the cases that interest me most. I hope that you will find them equally fascinating.


Books include: 50 American Serial Killers, Human Monsters, Deadly Women 1 & 2, Deadly Dozen, Devil in Whitechapel, Medical Monsters, and many more!

BUNDY: Portrait of a Serial Killer - Theodore Robert Bundy is America’s most infamous serial killer, the horribly depraved sex slayer of at least 39 young women and adolescent girls. Yet, this was no wild-eyed madman, no hunched gargoyle, foaming at the mouth to warn us of his bad intentions. This was a handsome, talented and articulate young man, an honors graduate for whom a bright future was predicted. This was a rising star in the Republican Party who might well have achieved his ambition of high political office.


What then turned Bundy into the monster he became, a demon in the guise of an ordinary man? In this chilling new work, bestselling true crime author Robert Keller tackles the enigma, delving deep into the killer’s motivations, psychology, and deadly methodology, much of it taken from the words of Bundy himself.


Warning!: Bundy: Portrait of a Serial Killer will keep you awake at night. It is not recommended for the squeamish or faint of heart.


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