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Abduction by Author RJ Parker

Meet The Author of

ABDUCTION - The MiniVan Murders

RJ Parker Ph.D. is ranked in the Top 100 Authors on Amazon in Biography and History.


RJ is a Canadian Author who has written more than 20 true crime books co-authored another 10 books and published over 150 books for other authors which are available in eBook, Paperback, and most Audiobook editions sold on over 100 countries.


RJ holds certification in Serial Crime and Criminal Profiling.


"Parker amazes his readers with top notch writing and idealist research. The Canadian writer has a better grasp of criminology and the psyche of a serial killer's mind than most people who spend a lifetime in a professional field chasing criminal and diabolic fiends" - John Douglas, Retired FBI Agent - Behavioral Science.


For more information about RJ Parker please visit his website at


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ABDUCTION - Fueled by methamphetamines and deviant motives, nothing was off limits for James Daveggio and Michelle Michaud. Not even their own children.

Living out of a specially rigged minivan (a mobile torture chamber that included ropes, hooks, curling irons, duct tape, etc), this cold-blooded murdering duo kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed young girls from Reno, Nevada, to Sacramento, California. 

While the local and state police departments, and even the FBI, vigorously searched for the couple, they freely hunted for prey and carried out their months-long spree of abduction and murder. 

Warning: This true account is at times quite graphic which some may find disturbing.

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