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Abduction by Author RJ Parker

Meet The Author of

She is Evil

Criminologist Judith A. Yates has appeared as a guest Criminologist Judith A. Yates has appeared as a guest speaker, lecturer, and instructor for numerous organizations for over 25 years, to include the Dallas Area Paralegal Association, numerous PFLAG (Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians & Gays) organizations across the United States, the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, the Tennessee Correction Association, and many more. 

She has worked in loss prevention, the Sheriff's Department, the federal prison system at each capacity (minimum security to maximum), as a private investigator, and as a criminal justice professor/instructor.


With several best-selling books, she is also a true crime freelance writer for several online publications. 

Ms. Yates is working to complete a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. She is a Texas-born, Irish/Native American/Kentucky - bred relocate to Tennessee, a left-handed Taurus, who loves all animals except for alligators. On her days off you will find her with her horses, perusing flea markets, or playing video games. She is addicted to bottled Coca-colas and raw chocolate chip cookie dough.

"SHE IS EVIL!" Madness And Murder In Memphis - Ejaz Ahmad was handsome, charismatic, and a self-made businessman. He arrived in the United States from Pakistan determined to fulfill his mother’s dying wish: to come to America, complete his education, and make his mark in the world. Settling in Memphis, Tennessee, Ejaz became the owner of several businesses, father to a handsome boy, and a devout Muslim. The only thing missing in his life was a wife, someone special to protect, honor, and love.

Leah Ward was a pretty girl, but a prison parolee with a history of drug charges, petty crime, and a questionable past. She led a flotsam life, drifting from town to city to state. When she was introduced to Ejaz Ahmad, she believed she had found the ultimate answer: a place to live, someone to take care of her, and money to spend. But what began idyllic soon became abusive and then dangerous for Ejaz. His friends and family warned him. And in May of
2003 Ejaz paid the ultimate price when family members found his mutilated body in a shed.

SHE IS EVIL is a story of trust, abuse, religion, and murder. Of a kind man who tried to help a troubled woman and became the victim of abuse and, eventually, a heinous murder.

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