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Murders of Rebecca Rubalcava and William Rodriguez


Rebecca Rubalcava, 20, and her friend William Rodriguez, 39,  were found murdered on April 23, 1999.


Prior to Rebecca's disappearance, in 1995, at age 14, Rebecca had been taken to Mexico and trafficked in the sex industry. She had struggled to maintain her life and was a resident of Phoenix. She was last seen at her small apartment in the vicinity of 17th Avenue and Buckeye.


Motorists stopped in Joshua Forest along U.S. 93 near Congress, Ariz., to take photographs and the found the bodies of both Rebecca and William, each with a gunshot to the head. Rebecca's mother was told by investigators that Rebecca had been raped.


Rebecca and William were found in Yavapai County between Wickenburg and Kingman on the east side of U.S. 93 where crosses now stand. Shopping bags identified as being from California were on each of their heads. In addition, a piece of paper from California was also found at the scene. 


It is believed they were murdered somewhere in California and transported to Arizona due to lack of blood loss at the scene.


Approximately one week prior to Rebecca's murder, she had gone to her father's home and tearfully told him she was scared for her life because she had witnessed a murder. She refused to talk to police at that time.


Williams was buried in a Potter's field and was never claimed.


Yavapai County Silent Witness is offering a $10,000 reward for information.



Anyone with information is encouraged to call Silent Witness at 1-800-932-3232 or visit












Unsolved Murder Rebecca Rubalcava
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