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Murder of Marina Habe - 100-year old mother waits for answers


Marina Habe was born February 23, 1951, a University of Hawaii student who had returned home to visit her mother for the Christmas holidays.

Habe had gone on a double-date with her long-time family friend John Hornburg, 22.

Habe drove Hornburg to his home located at 13326 Sunset Blvd., at approximately 3:30 a.m. and drove back to her mother’s home about 20-minute drive northeast.


Habe’s mother, actress Eloise Hardt, resided at 8962 Cynthia Avenue, in West Hollywood. On the evening of told police, she awakened by the sound of a loud muffler.  when her daughter arrived home late that fateful evening.​

Her mother watching from a window, saw her daughter standing by her sports car with a man whose description she could not make out. She heard a man’s voice yell the word, “Go!” and the man disappeared into the other vehicle. Habe never came inside.

Marina Habe was kidnapped from her driveway.


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Unsolved Murder of Marina Habe
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