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Unsolved Disappearance 

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Mikelle Biggs

Mikelle Diane Biggs, 11, went missing on January 2, 1999, from Mesa, Arizona.  

Mikelle was last seen near her home riding her bicycle. Mikelle and her younger sister, Kimber, thought they had heard the ice cream truck and asked their mother for some money to purchase some ice cream.  The sisters waited for the truck near El Moro and Toltec Streets at approximately 5:50 p.m.

Kimber began to get cold and returned to her house for a coat. She then returned to the corner to see only Mikelle's bicycle on the road, the wheel still turning, along with two quarters. Mikelle was gone.

Police searched door-to-door, and search dogs were brought in, but lost her scent only a few feet from where she was last seen. This suggested she was taken in a vehicle. Police could not confirm that an ice cream truck was even in the area. This launched the most extensive search for a missing child in Arizona history.


There have been many false leads in Mikelle's case but the most solid lead is that Dee Blalock, a convicted sex offender was involved. He lived only two blocks from her home.  Blalock had sex offenses in three states. In 2001, Blalock was convicted of raping one of his neighbors and trying to murder her. 

Mikelle is described by her family as an intelligent, social, and artistic little girl. She loved playing the clarinet and was an honor roll student who was a member of her school's student council. She had plans to be an animator when she grew up. 

Mikelle's family held a funeral on the 5th anniversary of her disappearance as they believe she was murdered soon after her abduction.

Mikelle's sister is still searching for her. Kimber runs a Facebook group "Justice for Mikelle" with over 28 thousand followers. Kimber continues to search for justice and has done numerous interviews throughout the years pleading for her sister's return.

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