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Murder of Jerome Baker - A Mother on a Mission


Jerome Baker, 28, vanished in May 2016, in St Louis, Missouri. He had been planning to take his six children to Six Flags, even making individual lunches for each of the children that morning. In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

In October 2016, his skull was located by a utility worker in a vacant dump site on Bircher Boulevard and Riverview Boulevard along I-70, about a ten-minute drive from where Baker was last seen.


A Sumner High School graduate, Baker’s dream was to become a businessman and support his family. He accomplished both. An only son, Baker is described by his mother Marnice Baker, as a “Mama’s Boy” who balanced three jobs to support his children.


His mother says, he could get all his kids dressed in just eleven minutes, he could make them all lunches in just eleven minutes – eleven minutes being the magic number.


The morning of his disappearance, it was a sunny Sunday morning just before 10 a.m., he was at a home located at Bartmore and Hodiamont northwest St. Louis. He was there packing lunches with a young woman he was dating, who he had planned on also taking to Six Flags, along with her children.


Baker’s mother says the young woman left in Baker’s car with one of the children to pick up her children. Meanwhile, Baker called his best friend to see if he could also take his car to safely transport all the children to Six Flags, then “eleven minutes” later when his best friend arrived at the home to give him his car to take on the trip, Baker was gone.


Baker’s wallet with cash inside and his jacket was still in the home. The only thing that was gone was his cell phone.


Baker’s mother went to the home to search it herself. When she went to the backyard, she could clearly see drag marks in the dirt.


She notified St. Louis Metropolitan Police who initiated an investigation, but to date, have never identified any suspects.


“I want them to know, with every breath in my body, I’m not stopping until I find out who’s responsible,” Marnice said in a KSDK News 5 report. “For Jerome,” she added.

A mother on a mission, in the name of her, murdered son.

“He’s my everything. He was the first man I ever loved besides my father,” Marnice said.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance and murder of Jerome Baker, please call the St. Louis Police Department at (314) 444-5738.












Unsolved Murder of Jerome Baker
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