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Jeff Dunsavage CV
Jeff Dunsavage Missing Leads Media Comunications
Jeff Dunsavage

Advocate & Media Communications

A business media and communications professional experienced in global industries ranging from banking and insurance to metals to telecom, Jeff has 30-plus years' experience in news writing, public relations, and building online and "real world" communities.  


Jeff's expertise in advocacy and government relations was gained through personal tragedy. When his brother disappeared at sea while on vacation in the Caribbean, Jeff had to learn -- literally overnight -- how to run an international search/rescue operation from a spare bedroom in his father's house in New Jersey. As he came into contact with more families who had lost loved ones abroad and run into the same institutional indifference and lack of support as his family had, he quickly recognized the need for awareness building and advocacy in this area.


He founded the Missing Americans Project as a platform for families, subject-matter experts, and resource providers to collaborate in searches, rally international media attention to his cause and pursue policy improvements with world governments.


Using traditional and social media, Jeff has made himself the highly visible face of the families of the Missing Americans Project and considered an expert in the field. He has appeared on ABC's Nightline, the BBC's FastTrack, and in a wide variety of print, web, and broadcast media. In addition to advocating on behalf of families of the missing and murdered, Jeff also is active in the field of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture.


Click for more information about the Missing Americans Project and Jeff's personal story below.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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