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Unsolved Disappearance 

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Janice Potts Missing

Janice K. Potts, 40, went missing on August 28, 1981, from Harrison, Arkansas.

Janice was last seen at her home in Harrison. She lived with her three sons and worked the night shift.

Her middle, 18-year-old son, had left a pair of football pants at home for his mother to sew knee pads on. He went home at 12:00 p.m. and picked up his pants that were done. He looked in on his mother and saw she was in bed so he returned to school. 

After school, her son returned home to find the house empty. the home was unlocked, beans simmering in a slow cooker, and the utility light was on.

Janice had left a note on the ironing board for her youngest son, telling him the beans were ready and that she had gone to the store and should be home by the time he got home from school. He waited a little bit and headed to the football game back at the school.

When he was going through town after the game, his older brother waved him down and told him to stop. He told him that their mother had not arrived at work that day. They both started looking for her and found her car parked in the parking lot at the mall. Her sweater and purse were both inside the car, but her keys and wallet were missing.

She has never been seen again. 

If you have any infromation about Janice K. Potts, please call the Harrison Police Department at 870-741-5463.

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