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Unsolved Disappearance 

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Jan Cotta

Jan Andre Cotta, 19, went missing on  June 26, 1973, in Wall Township, New Jersey.

Jan was last seen on her family's property, inside a barn tack house, in the Allen section of  Wall Township, New Jersey. Her brother and another individual saw her around midnight. They heard a vehicle driving away from the farm and Jan was gone. She was never seen again.

Jan was seven months pregnant when she vanished, and the oldest of seven siblings. The family lived on a horse farm and "grew up happy," Jan's sister, Robin Wilson told CBS News. She went on to explain how Jan was in heaven living there, "She rode a lot. She was in a lot of horse shows."

Jan was an exceptional equestrian and won several awards. She also served as the substitute for the equestrian team for the U.S. 

The night Jan disappeared, Jan's brother Brian was hanging out with a friend and heard a loud banging in the barn, like a horse was kicking. They walked up to the barn and saw the tack room light was on. They went in and Jan was sitting there. Jan told her brother to leave because the guy she was seeing was pulling into the drive. That was the last time he saw his big sister. 

Jan's mother waited 24 hours to call the police. The Wall Township Police Department arrived at the scene. They search the entire property, nearby areas, places she had visited, friend's homes, and all her equestrian friends were all questioned. 

Investigators found evidence of Jan's planning to leave. She left a note in the tack room that read, It's very sad to love someone and not be - - the rest is lost to time. Jan's siblings recall the letter also informed them for the first time that she was pregnant.  During the early 1970s being single and pregnant was frowned upon. The letter also referenced Jan's horses and that she was giving them to one of her friends. 

The boyfriend Jan had been waiting for was looked into by investigators. He was interviewed and denied being there and denied picking her up that night. 


The identity of Jan's unborn baby is unknown. 

In August 1973, a newborn baby was abandoned in a mailbox in Jefferson Township, New Jersey. The farm was owned by the friend that Jan gave her horses to. The baby was born when Jan's baby was expected. For some time people believed the baby was Jan's but DNA testing proved the baby that was left was not Jan's.


Both of Jan's parents have passed away, but she still has seven siblings searching for her.  

If you have any information about the disappearance of Jan Andre Cotta, please call 732-449-4500.

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