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Unsolved Disappearance 

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Danielle Pitcher

Danielle Therese Pitcher, 14, went missing from Sunizona, Arizona, on May 23, 1993. 

Danielle and her family went to church and then walked to the RV Park Store on the corner of Highway 666 (now Highway 191) and Highway 181 in Sunizona, Arizona. she accompanied her mother Dorothy Pitcher (also missing). Danielle's five siblings stayed home.

While walking to the store, they stopped at the residence of Danielle's sister to invite her to come along. Danielle's sister opted to stay home but invited then to dinner after they got back.

The store was three miles from Danielle's home. They arrived at the store and bought cigarettes and ice cream cones, then made a phone call from the store pay phone as they didn't have a home phone. 

They were seen by some friends who passed by as they walked home. The friends remember seeing an old van with Colorado plates nearby. Danialle and her mother were never seen again. All of their belongings were left at home including Dorothy's dentures, purse, driver's license, and eyeglasses. 

Canines picked up Danielle's scent at the store and on the highway as far as one and one half miles into their walk home. The scent was lost close to the road where a vehicle may have stopped and picked them up or grabbed them. 

Dorothy's husband, John Pitcher, passed a polygraph and was ruled out as a suspect early on. 

John and Dorothy had fourteen children, two were from John's earlier marriage. According to the Charley Project, six of the children, including Danialle, were still living at home. John passed away in 1998. 

Danielle's siblings continue their search for their mother Dorothy and their sister Danielle. 

If you have information regarding the disappearance of Danielle and Dorothy Pitcher, please call Cochise County Sheriff's Office at 520-432-9500.

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