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Unsolved Disappearance 

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Christa Nicole Belusko

Christa Nicole Belusko, 2, went missing on September 20, 1991, from Staten Island, New York.

The last time Christa was seen, she was with her mother, Christine Belusko, at the Mount Airy Lodge in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. 

Christine's charred remains were located in weeds near the South Beach Psychiatric  

Center in South Beach, a New York City borough of Staten Island. She had been handcuffed, strangled, and hit 17 times with a hammer. The hammer was found under her body, which had been set on fire. The baby was missing as there was no sign of her at the scene. 

On the hammer, investigators found the name "Loyd L." inscribed.

Christine remained unidentified until April 2021, nearly 30 years after her death. When investigators informed Christine's brother that his sister had been murdered and identified, they learned she had a daughter. That's when the search of a missing child began. 

Authorities say the investigation into the murder of Christine is ongoing and the search for Christa continues.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Christa Belusko or the murder of her mother, Christine, please call the Richmond County District Attorney's Office at 718-876-6300. 

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